Meme Contest Guidelines

Rules For Both Groups

Contest Rules:

  • Nothing NSFW or gory
  • No Spam (This is judged and spam isn’t the criterion)
  • No advertising
    • You may advertise for Challenger
    • However you can include an author signature in the bottom right hand corner of your creations.
  • No harassment
  • No pushing agendas
    1. It is okay to joke about political and public figures. But no meme should actively support any one ideology.
  • Challenger reserves the right to remove any meme for any reason.
    1. You may inquire and you may defend your decisions. We may listen. But we make the final decision.
  • No submitting memes from other users.
  • If you are aware that a meme you have submitted has been submitted or created by another Challenger user, your meme will be excluded and removed from the contest.
  • If by chance you happen to submit the same meme as another user, there is no penalty, but your meme will still be excluded and/or removed.
      • You are allowed to submit memes even if you have not created them personally, but the original creator is given all rights to that meme and must be credited.

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