Meme Contest Guidelines

Rules For Both Groups

Contest Rules:

  • Nothing NSFW or gory
  • No Spam (This is judged and spam isn’t the criterion)
  • No advertising
    • You may advertise for Challenger
    • However you can include an author signature in the bottom right hand corner of your creations.
  • No harassment
  • No pushing agendas
    1. It is okay to joke about political and public figures. But no meme should actively support any one ideology.
  • Challenger reserves the right to remove any meme for any reason.
    1. You may inquire and you may defend your decisions. We may listen. But we make the final decision.
  • No submitting memes from other users.
  • If you are aware that a meme you have submitted has been submitted or created by another Challenger user, your meme will be excluded and removed from the contest.
  • If by chance you happen to submit the same meme as another user, there is no penalty, but your meme will still be excluded and/or removed.
      • You are allowed to submit memes even if you have not created them personally, but the original creator is given all rights to that meme and must be credited.

Change Log

Change Log

  • Started up new site
    • Basic Functionality
    • AJAX Direct Messaging in Sean’s honor
    • Added usage functionalites.
    • Added web app capabilities
    • Setup Dark Storm UI
  • Added gamification, powered by GamiPress
  • Added slidebar
    • Notifications
  • Setup Thundercloud UX
    • Added custom profile pages
  • Added icons
  • Added notification slider
  • Added Winter Bolt UI (Today)
    • New logo for app and computer
    • Navbar change and site color change
    • Notification Bar change
  • Like system added
  • Menu links and UX tweaked
  • Favorites removed



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