Why Challenger?

One question that might come to people’s minds about Challenger is why should I use Challenger instead of Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc? I hope to answer that question in this article. First of all, Challenger dies not use SPLC or other left wing, biased organizations to screen its posts (I’m taking about you YouTube). Second, Challenger has a points feature, which you won’t find anywhere else. Third, Challenger is NOT Silicon valley! This is a big point in Challengers favor! And seriously, what can you do on other sites that you can’t do on Challenger? Aside from getting friend requests with someone you saw in the hallway once at high school, of course. My final point is that Challenger is on the way up. When what we have now disappears, Challenger will be the social media platform if the future. So what are you waiting for?


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